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First--and best--will be the rejoining

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First--and best--will be the rejoining

 "What do we do now?" Meta asked. Her voice was troubled, questioning. She voiced the thoughts of all the Pyrrans in the room, and the thousands who watched in their screens. "What will we do?" They turned to Jason, waiting for an answer. For the moment their differences were forgotten. The people from the city were staring expectantly at him, as were the crossbowmen with half-lowered weapons. This stranger had confused and changed the old world they had known, and presented them with a newer and stranger one, with alien problems. "Hold on," he said, raising his hand Service Apartment Hong Kong. "I'm no doctor of social ills. I'm not going to try and cure this planet full of muscle-bound sharpshooters.

I've just squeezed through up to now, and by the law of averages I should be ten times dead." "Even if all you say is true, Jason," Meta said, "you are still the only person who can help us. What will the future be like?" Suddenly weary, Jason slumped into the pilot's chair. He glanced around at the circle of people. They seemed sincere. None of them even appeared to have noticed that he no longer had his hand on the pump switch. For the moment at least, the war between city and farm was forgotten. "I'll give you my conclusions," Jason said, twisting in the chair, trying to find a comfortable position for his aching bones.

"I've been doing a lot of thinking the last day or two, searching for the answer. The very first thing I realized, was that the perfect and logical solution wouldn't do at all. I'm afraid the old ideal of the lion lying down with the lamb doesn't work out in practice. About all it does is make a fast lunch for the lion. Ideally, now that you all know the real causes of your trouble, you should tear down the perimeter and have the city and forest people mingle in brotherly love. Makes just as pretty a picture as the one of lion and lamb. And would undoubtedly have the same result. Someone would remember how really filthy the grubbers are, or how stupid junkmen can be master of social work hong kong, and there would be a fresh corpse cooling. The fight would spread and the victors would be eaten by the wildlife that swarmed over the undefended perimeter. No, the answer isn't that easy."

As the Pyrrans listened to him they realized where they were, and glanced around uneasily. The guards raised their crossbows again, and the prisoners stepped back to the wall and looked surly. "See what I mean?" Jason asked. "Didn't take long did it?" They all looked a little sheepish at their unthinking reactions. "If we're going to find a decent plan for the future, we'll have to take inertia into consideration. Mental inertia for one. Just because you know a thing is true in theory, doesn't make it true in fact. The barbaric religions of primitive worlds hold not a germ of scientific fact, though they claim to explain all. Yet if one of these savages has all the logical ground for his beliefs taken away--he doesn't stop believing. He then calls his mistaken beliefs 'faith' because he knows they are right. And he knows they are right because he has faith. This is an unbreakable circle of false logic that can't be touched. In reality, it is plain mental inertia.

A case of thinking 'what always was' will also 'always be.' And not wanting to blast the thinking patterns out of the old rut. "Mental inertia alone is not going to cause trouble--there is cultural inertia cheap serviced apartments Hong Kong, too. Some of you in this room believe my conclusions and would like to change. But will all your people change? The unthinking ones, the habit-ridden, reflex-formed people who know what is now, will always be. They'll act like a drag on whatever plans you make, whatever attempts you undertake to progress with the new knowledge you have." "Then it's useless--there's no hope for our world?" Rhes asked. * * * * * "I didn't say that," Jason answered. "I merely mean that your troubles won't end by throwing some kind of mental switch. I see three courses open for the future, and the chances are that all three will be going on at the same time. "

 of city and farm Pyrrans into the single human group they came from. Each is incomplete now, and has something the other one needs. In the city here you have science and contact with the rest of the galaxy. You also have a deadly war. Out there in the jungle, your first cousins live at peace with the world, but lack medicine and the other benefits of scientific knowledge, as well as any kind of cultural contact with the rest of mankind.


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Those are the ones

 In the case of human beings, it is their thoughts that identify them as life form or disaster. Mountain or volcano. In the city everyone radiates suspicion and death. They enjoy killing, thinking about killing, and planning for killing. This is natural selection, too, you realize. These are the survival traits that work best in the city. Outside the city men think differently juris doctor ... Lire la suite

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I guess maybe this is a much better polish

He had been living this way for almost a month, when, one day, just as he was about to prepare his lunch, the door bell rang. He opened it and found a man standing on the step with a sample case in one hand and a derby hat in the other. Homer hurriedly shut the door again.
The bell continued to ring. He put his head out of the window nearest the door to order the fellow away, but the ...

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你站在山底下看,天空是那麽蔚藍。你站在山頂上看,它還是那麽蔚藍。 太陽卻毫不含糊,你若睜著眼睛去看,它就擲給你金針滿眼,你再閉了眼睛去看,它依舊揮給你滿眼金針。 那柔軟的牧草,你遠遠地去看,它碧綠綿綿,你再侵踏進去,就會看見它連掛在身上的那些露珠,都綠成了一串串酵素。 ... Lire la suite

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... Lire la suite

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